Many people question whether images created on an e-device have value as art. David Hockney’s unique collages displays one image per iPad in recent showings. In speaking of his love affair with his iPad,Hockney said, “Picasso would have gone mad with this, so would Van Gogh, I don’t know an artist who wouldn’t, actually.”

Mandy McMahan

Mandy McMahan




Mandy McMahan’s simulation of traditional media is a delicious blend of brilliant colors that communicate the intricate and rich textures of India. An early PC user, while at IBM conducting work in marketing, McMahan transformed herself into a Thai yoga practicioner and yoga teacher. During this time, she underwent a parallel development within the arts. McMahan uses her graphic skills to create sensuous mixed media. www.mandyogart.com





Michele Presley’s expression is digital illustration, Zodimix. She uses apps on the iPad to create vignettes of blended images that merge western and eastern cultural astrological symbols.

Michelle Kwajafe is an internet curator for her company. As a Photoshop master for 20 years she expanded into creating mobile art on her Galaxy to unwind during her daily train commutes. Using her photographs along with images from morgue file, she shares a rich journey of image association, textures, and ideas as she tells her stories. www.kwajafa.com

Bev Eisenberg, architect, recently engaging healing arts, finds creative freedom in the immediacy of working with iPad apps. Mirroring the rich palette of images and patterns that she found in Africa last winter, Eisenberg’s work evokes dynamic spatial movement in layered and altered photographic images.

Their work tells stories in collages, assembled from multiple layers of images. The result is rich sets of visual journals.