iPad Decorative Doodle

Decorate Doodle made with Adobe Ideas and Photoforge.

Decorative Doodle



This is a freeform Decorative Doodle created on the iPad using Adobe Ideas and PhotoForge.

I was inspired by a Blind Doodle exercise  found in “Creative Doodling and Beyond” on page 48. We we were asked  to close our eyes and move our pens around, see what emerges and then add color and embellishment.

What I really liked about doing the  exercise on the iPad, is the ability  to change the color and texturize the image using PhotoForge.







Step 1 Adobe Ideas

Step 1. Adobe Ideas



1. Using the exercise as a guide, I created the free form doodle in Adobe Ideas.







Step 2 Adobe Ideas

Step 2. Adobe Ideas



2. Once I had an appealing form; I created a separate layer and added color with a larger brush.







Step 3 Adobe Ideas

Step 3. Adobe Ideas



3. I continued adding doodles  with the small brush and used a larger brush to add color.  I then saved the image to the iPad photo gallery and imported it into Photoforge.









iPad ArtRage and Procreate

Final Step. Photogene



As the finishing touch I added texture with the water color filter and  experimented with different  color schemes using Hue and Saturation.


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  1. Mandy January 7, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

    Looks great!

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